How to Tie a Uni Knot

Formerly known as the Gallows knot, the Uni knot was first conceptualized in 1944 in a book called ‘The Ashley Book of Knots’. Later on, it became popularized by Norman Duncan who used it exclusively for fishing purposes and due to this the knot became known as the Duncan knot. Following this, in the 1970s, Vic Dunaway wrote a fishing book wherein the knot was mentioned and henceforth the know was known as it is today, as the Uni knot.

The knot is mostly used to attach something to the end of a line such as hooks, swivels or rings. This affords the line better strength and more agility without the issue of breaking off.

So with all this talk about the famous Uni knot, how does one go about tying it?

There are certain steps that need to be followed as mentioned below:

Step One

The first thing you must do is to overlap the two pieces of rope or line that you want to tie together. There should be 6 inches of both the lines overlapping one another. Make sure the lengths are equal and are not more or less than 6 inches. To achieve the perfect uni knot, one must focus on perfecting every single step.

Step Two

Now make a loose loop with one of the lines and tie it loosely around the other line. Do this only once and make sure the loop is loose. If the loop is not proper or the first attempt at tying it fails then try again.

Step Three

The loop should still remain open however you need to turn the line six times around the main tow line. this means wrap it six consecutive times so that it is in a way fashioned in the form of a spring. This means that you will see 6 spirals on the towline that you have made.

Step Four

Now the leftover tag of the line that you have looped six times around the main tow line has to be fed through the loosened loop you left on top. This will in a way close off the knot without it being tightened. This is your last chance to ensure that everything is in order.

Step Five

Now grab the tail end of the tag you had secured into place in the loop and gently pull on it till it is snugly in place. Tug at the tail end of the tag till you are sure of the fact that it is secure and will not budge from place.

Step 6

Now you must repeat step 1 to 5 for the other line.

Step 7

Now slide the two standing lines in opposite directions so the knots travel along the main tow line and move closer together.

Step 8

Now cut the end tags of the knots which are escaping from it closer to the knot. There you have it! A perfect uni knot. And if you are still confused then check out this video:

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