How to Tie Knots: Fly Fishing Basics

how to tie knots

Many people are thrilled to learn the very basics of fly fishing. If this is your first attempt, then you must always have in mind to enjoy yourself and the people around you. This is a great opportunity to spend some relaxing time, while fly fishing with your friends. Learn how to tie knots, which will help you with truly any outdoor task. No matter how dedicated you want to be, fly fishing is indeed an interesting sport that anyone can really enjoy and have fun.

Proper Gear and Practice

It is important to select the right gear so that you don’t get frustrated in the beginning. It may seem more expensive; however, it will last longer than any other cheaper fishing gear. Learning how to cast properly can be a little frustrating. Deal with it like a fun game and practice until you excel in it. Be sure that you have with you an expert so that he can show you some tricks and give you as many bits of advice as possible. Being in the outdoors will clear your mind, and make this an actually rejuvenated trip.

How to Tie Knots

This is without a doubt one of the most important lessons you should learn before going out for fly fishing. A proper know will save you time and additional effort and will make your fishing efficient and fun. Learn how to tie knots, and which one should be used in any case.

Turtle Knot

This is the perfect know in order to create a connection between the fly and the leader. All you have to do is pass the end of the leader right through the hook’s eye and then just slide the fly to the leader. Then you have to make a loop at the end of the leader. Now you can pull the loop around the fly, create a double know and pull right back.

Surgeon’s Loop

This is another, really popular known among fishermen. With this type of know, you can add a tippet to your leader. One picture can show you how to best tie this knot. It is the easiest know because it is very easy to tie. Most beginners, as well as experienced fishermen, choose this type of knot.

Nail Knot

As its name suggest, you will need a nail in order to complete this knot. If you don’t have a nail with you, you may also use a thin tube. Use the nail in the fly line and create a loop. Make a smooth knot by pulling on both sides. Hold the coils, remove the nail and tighten the knot.

Learning how to tie knots will prove to be really useful, while being in the river, fly fishing. Most of the store owners can show you each knot, as well as its specific function. When you are out to fly fishing for the first time, the last thing you want is to lose your gear due to poor knotting knowledge. Learn all important knots and enjoy your new hobby.

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