Best 9 Bass fishing tips for beginners

Bass is generally a shy fish, it looks for cover when it is bright and sunny and therefore hides behind water plantations and under rocks. When the weather is comparatively less warm and cloudy the Bass comes out of its shelter and is out and about.

There are a few technical Bass fishing tips that can be followed to successfully be able to fish Bass. The most appropriate time for fishing Bass would be early morning and early evening. It is advisable that the fisher should settle themselves before the actual hours of fishing so that they can observe and be alert.

Below are some tips and tricks that can be followed to have a superb catch of the season:

Bass Fishing tips and tricks for the right catch:

Tip #1

Fish for Bass during the pre-spawn period. During the pre-spawn season the Bass comes to shallow areas and many times if the water is clearer they can be seen from the shore itself. They come out in the open to feed and stock on the food before they go into hiding. This is also the season when the Bass is looking for the perfect place to nest. It is highly advisable to release the female Bass if gets caught so that it can complete the reproduction cycle.

Tip #2 

Having sharp hooks helps a lot. If the Hooks are not sharp enough the Bass can slip back since they have bony jaws and a blunt hook will not be able to penetrate the right way.

Tip #3

When fishing the Bass, you should be facing the wind, since Bass swims with the current, you are more likely to catch a good catch.

Tip #4

Use seasonal baits. You should change the baits with the season. Bass likes to enjoy different kinds of things with the change in the season.

Tip #5

Using live baits can be very helpful. Lower the rod mid water and you are likely to catch the right catch.

Tip #6

Do not worry about the size of the bait that you are using. In many cases, it has been observed that the how much ever the size of the bait would be, the right catch depends on the season in which you are fishing.

Tip #7

Bass does not get caught easily you need to keep tapping and tapping to finally land one in. Bass is not easily lured through baits. They wait and observe and then may attack the bait from any angle. The line should be held on tight as soon as it bites into the bait so that it is not let go.

Tip #8

The fishing line should be checked well before being cast, because Bass is powerful catch and needs to be played with before casting it in. Therefore, the line needs to be strong so that it does not fray or snap while being spooled back in.

Tip #9

Bass can be caught well just before the storm because there is a dense cloud cover, once the cloud clear up it is difficult to have a Bass bite in.

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