Hummingbird Fish Finders: Our 3 All-Time Favorites

The thought of investing in a fish finder has likely crossed your mind at one time or another. It could be incredibly beneficial for amplifying your fishing game, but such devices tend to be on the expensive side. No longer do you have to keep your fishing fun subpar. The following three hummingbird fish finders are aptly priced and easy to use, so you get all of the benefits without the risk.

Hummingbird PiranhaMAX Fish Finder with the Color Dual Beam

Sitting pretty at a measly $199, the PiranhaMAX is an amazing deal for any of the fishing enthusiasts who are considering a fish finder. Hummingbird fish finders are always an incredible deal, but the PiranhaMAX is our number one favorite. With its dual beam screen and vibrant color system, this hummingbird fish finder has impressed everyone. Most of the reviews reiterate Darren Yatsko’s opinion on the device, which was, “Great for what I was needing it for. Just the basic, but great for the price. Fit in the small area that I had to work with. Good screen quality and easy to use,” or Douglas Smith’s description, which lauded the “clear and fast reading of what is under your boat,” qualities of the PiranhaMAX.

Hummingbird Helix 5 Fish Finder SI with the GPS & Side-Imaging

At $500, the Helix 5 SI is a bit more of an investment. Those who engage in less friendly fishing environments might find it less appealing, but those with secure boats and a deep-seated desire to improve their fishing will find it a perfect match. The precision GPS and the micro USB slot enable you to map out your favorite spots and save them on your device. Francis Miller was particularly excited about one specific feature, enthusiastically remarking, “Excellent!!! You can see your lure on the line moving!!!” All in all, the Helix 5 SI is an amazing investment for fishermen who prefer to target specific species of fish, locate fish that have been suspended in a water column, and know the depth and structure under the water.

Hummingbird Helix 5 Fish Finder DI with the Down Imaging

The best of both worlds, the Helix 5 DI is an incredible bargain with all of the appeal of its more expensive counterpart. It is the best solution for those who are uncertain about their dedication to investing in their fishing hobby, and its features are impressive no matter how much experience you have in the field. The five-inch color display with down imaging is remarkable, and many people have proclaimed that this is a “great item” with “fast response.”

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