Our Favorite 7 Cheap Fish Finders

If you are fond of fishing and are looking for the cheap fish finders, you have landed at the right place. Since there are plenty of fish finders available in the market, it can be a complicated task for a person to choose the best one. Listed below are our favorite 7 cheap fish finders that you can buy and enjoy your favorite activity i.e. fishing.


#1 Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

With the depth range up to 260 ft, Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is the ideal fish finder for you. The price starts from $233.81. The device has the ability to transfer accurate data due to the advanced high-frequency technology used to manufacture it.


Our claim of Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ the best fish finder can be validated from the reviews of the satisfied customers who have purchased this fish finder. “Works well, smaller and lighter than expected” and “Fishing from shore have always been a challenge, but deeper change that for me. Good Job Deeper” are some of the top reviews of this product.


#2 Signstek Portable Fish Finder with LCD Display

The amazing fish finder that is designed for both professional and amateur fisherman provides accurate data for fishing spots. It uses Sonar technology and the LCD display further enhances its value. Starting from $97.00, this handy product is the ideal fish finder for every fisherman.


“I love this thing. I like to think that I have some fish finding 6th sense but sadly, years of experience have proved that I do not”

“I did as much research as I could and ended up buying this model. I’ve taken it on two trips so far and it has worked pretty well”


#3 Garmin Echo 301 dv Fish Finder

Next in the list of cheap fish finders is Garmin Echo 301 dv Fish Finder. It boasts of dual beam technology which makes it the best fishing equipment for every fisherman. The price range of Garmin Echo starts from $171.00.


“The menu system is laid out very well. The LCD screen is completely viewable in direct sunlight”.

“This outperforms several depth sounders I have had in the past that cost 4 times what this did.”


#4 Garmin Striker Built-in GPS Fish Finder

The latest offering from Garmin Striker series with built-in GPS is the best fish finder that every fisherman would love to own. Starting from $118.43, this fish finder boasts of various extensive features that include easy navigation, ClearVü technology, and affordable rates.


“Hands down best budget fish finder i have ever used.”

“Installed on our boat and very happy with the design and function of this unit.”


#5 Fish Finder with 7” Color LCD by Eyoyo

Waterproof, 7” inch color LCD, underwater fishing, 4000mh rechargeable battery are some of the extensive features that make this fish finder the best fish finder for every fisherman. However, the best feature is the unbeatable price. It starts from $124.92.


“Great camera, with a friend for a fishing trip satisfied.”

“Works great. A little hard to get level and set in proper direction”


#6 iBobber Smart Fish Finder with Wireless Bluetooth

iBobber Smart fish finder with wireless Bluetooth definitely deserves a mention in the list of cheap fish finders. You can get this fish finder at $89.99 and enjoy its various extensive features i.e. long battery life, accurate sonar reading, free app on android and IOS platform etc.


“It is easy to operate, read, record, and the fish were there when it showed them”.

“Great while drifting to show the fish from my kayak!”


#7 Venterior Portable Fish Finder

Available at the most reasonable price of $39.99, the portable fish finder from Venterior is the best fish finder if you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket. Wired sonar system transducer, LCD display, easy to use are some of the top features of this product.


“Works great when I fish off my kayak and also worked great for ice fishing.”

“I use it on my pontoon boat and it works great in lakes and dams. For the price….it can’t be beat.”

Now that you are aware of the top 7 cheap fish finders, do not wait anymore and get one for you for enjoying the best fishing experience.

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