Most Expensive Fishing Lure Ever: Top 3

Fishing enthusiasts often prefer to create their own lures as this enables them to create it as per their design in order to suit the needs and a specific purpose. It quite greatly depends on what you are trying to catch. It also saves some money in the long run as the basic fishing lure costs around 5$ while some more advanced ones cost around 20$. Considering that you would need a few different ones’ every time you fish, plus some of them will get lost in the sea, rivers or whichever water body you prefer to fish in, it could add up to quite a nice sum in the end.

As in everything else in life, there will be a guy which is extravagant and create something which is extremely expensive and does not make the whole process easier, but rather only more “shiny”. It is the same with fishing lures and here is one of the most expensive fishing lure ever to exist.

#1 Million Dollar Lure

This is literally the most expensive fishing lure to be ever created and sold. It was originally introduced at ICAST trade in ’06. It was twelve inches long and instantly hit the headlines of papers. You might be thinking, how is the lure so expensive though? It weighs 3 pounds which consist mainly of fourteen karat gold and platinum on the inside. The Outside, Coated in hundred karat diamonds and rubies, something like this was probably never utilized in real fishing though was it? Wrong, the owner actually insured it and went for a fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas; however, the insurance only covered a thirty minutes fishing experience.

#2 Giant Copper Haskell Giant Minnow

This is an ancient lure which originated from 1853 and is probably the rarest lure of all time. As only one of them is known to be of existence this instantly makes it price rocket sky high and allows us to put it on the most expensive fishing lure list. In 2003 the lure was sold at a hundred thousand dollars and is considered to be the holy grail of lures. Fourteen years later one could only guess how much its value is. Learn more here.


#3 Heddon Frog

Compared to the previous two this is quite a “cheap” lure. It is also an antique fishing lure and again quite rare, the first one was created in 1897 by the honey maker James Heddon. He later opened up an artificial fishing lure production company which made wooden lures. Currently, the Heddon Frog sells between 28, 00 and 32,000 dollars on auctions, however, that price will increase with time as some of them occasionally get lost, which makes them even rarer.

Those three are currently the most expensive fishing lures and have been so in terms of history as well. It would be a shame to have something so expensive falls into the stomach of a fish though.

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