Best 5 Bass Trackers Ever

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Different aspects that relate to bass fishing sport have changed over the past decade.  There are subtle changes such as the tiny variations in the materials and shape of the crank bait.  There are also dramatic changes such as the revolutionary development of bass tracker.  Today, lots of bass boats are available in the market.  With so many options, deciding the best tracker that will suit your own needs can be daunting.

To help you decide, we listed the top 5 bass trackers today:

Crestline TC-18 Bass Tracker

The Crestline TC-18 is being marketed as a bass boat.  It is relatively affordable, and it gives you an advantage which will improve your performance on the fishing sport.  It is manufactured using the seamless Crestline aluminum material which makes them virtually lighter than bass trackers made from glass, and it is packed with different features such as the 33-gallon.  It also comes with an adequate storage space for your fishing gears and rods.

Reviews from buyers:  

You will not worry in case you break your boat.  It is more affordable to hire an aluminum welder that a glass-coat service.

Lowe Stinger 178

This bass tracker has 2-livewells that has the capacity of 24 gallons.  The length measures approximately 17 feet and 8 inches and weighs at around 1,119 lbs.  The hull is also made from aluminum materials.  Maximum power was recorded at 90hp and minimum power at 50hp.  It also presents a long list of options which lets you customize your bass boat by implementing different personal touches.

Reviews from buyers:  

It is another great option for the tin boaters.  The graphics, seating, and storage are like the previous models, but he is sure that it is a good quality.

RT178 Ranger Tournament

Ranger Tournament is widely known for producing quality bass trackers.  They offer one of the most affordable types of the bass boat which will also include the custom trailer, battery charger, the Lowrance Elite and the electric motor of Minn Kota.  It has an overall length of 17 feet and 8 inches where the beam measures at approximately 92 inches.  The weight of this tracker is about 1,075lbs which is a bit lighter compared to Lowe Stinger.

Reviews from buyers:  

I purchased the RT178 Ranger Tournament as a gift to her husband.  We are pleased with our experience, and they love the extra storage.

VLO 176 Stratos

For others who love the sports of fishing, a boat cannot be considered as a bass tracker if its hull is not made with fiberglass. Perhaps VLO 176 Stratos is one of the most affordable bass boats made from fiberglass.   It also comes with the fish finder, trolling motor, 60hp-outboard, and the trailer.

Reviews from buyers:  

  This is certainly not a bad model.  It is a smaller boat that has better mileage.

175 TXW

The 175 TXW by Tracker Pro Team is a large tracker.  It has a weight of about 1,009 lbs which is all thanks to its ultra-lightweight aluminum material.  It has rod storage where you can fit a pole that measures 18-feet.

Reviews from buyers:  

I recently purchased his 175 TXW.  And experienced a slight malfunction at the horn, but the manufacturer said that he can return it for a free repair.  I was elated about the result of the repair.

These are the best and affordable bass trackers designed to advance your fishing game.  In case you are looking for a quality and reliable bass boats, consider our recommendations above.

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